Friday, 22 January 2016

Some French Napoleonic Spares

As I have been building up battalions of French foot, I have ended up with a few spares, here and there. I decided to base these on 20mm round bases for use as skirmishers, or sentries. These will be particularly useful for Sharp Practice, where a few of these miniatures interspersed with the rank miniatures can give the sense of a less orderly body of men. 

These were blocked and dipped, like most of my Napoleonic stuff and are a mixture of Victrix and Perry, all plastic. The Victrix kit is particularly good for making up skirmishers do to the highly customisable nature of the kit. 

The Perry Voltigeurs look particularly shiny in the photos, so I might take another pass at them with the matte varnish, but otherwise these chaps look good and grimy.