Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mid-War American Infantry Test Scheme

I painted up a quick test base this morning, just to get a sense of how they will look and what painting time is likely to be per base. I'm building a company of American infantry given to me as a gift from Lady K, for the Allied invasion of Italy, starting with Sicily. As a basis for my plans I am using Robert Avery's excellent Sicilian Weekend supplement for I Ain't Been Shot Mum.

After a quick ink wash these chaps look a bit drab.
As such, I am aiming for a nice arid looking base and those lovely washed out brownish American uniforms of the period. It took me almost no time to paint up this base, the only impediment is waiting for the shading wash to dry. After which the fellows were given a quick highlight using the same colours as before. Actual brush time for these guys was less than an hour. Now that the method is nailed, I'll be able to crank these out at pace.

A quick highlight makes them pop.
I'm satisfied with the result. However, I do think that I shall rebase the Big Men from Flames of War rectangular bases to circular ones so that they are more immediately apparent. I did this with some of my Soviet Big Men, and I think it works well. Basing isn't complete, A bit of dry grass and some paint around the edge will finish them off neatly.

In due course I'll pop a tutorial on here for those who might find it useful.