Friday, 8 January 2016

2015 In Review

Well, it is over. It often helps to take a moment to pause and reflect on what has been achieved over a given period, so that changes can be made, if necessary, but also to rationalise why things went the way they did. Hobbywise, 2015 was the year of not getting much done for me. It started very promisingly and then devolved into nothingness towards the tail of the year. On a personal level it has been a year of immense change. A new career and a lovely lady who spends half her time living on another continent have certainly required some adjustment on my part. One thing I have noticed is that, because I am in the United States for my holidays these days those periods are utterly lost to me in hobby terms. Perhaps this can be remedied?

So, enough reflection, what was the damage for 2015?

- 35 Finnish Infantry (15mm)
- 7 Polish Infantry (28mm)
- 1 Dark Angels Apothecary
- 2 Ravenwing Bikes
- 1 Ravenwing Attack Bike
- 3 Terrain Pieces (28mm)
- 1 WWI BEF Infantryman (28mm)
- 2 Horus Heresy Era Ultramarines
- 10 Vikings (28mm)

Hardly a great showing, but then I never really had much traction after January. However, it isn't all bad news, there are several miniatures that are on the verge of completion on my painting desk, so a solid weekend of effort should get those into my 2016 completion list. Another positive is the fact that I am now based in an environment where I can paint with less hassle, meaning I can actually get it done.

Here are some pictures of completed miniatures:

Poles defending their homeland. 
I've really enjoyed painting these fellows.