Thursday, 21 January 2016

9e Regiment d'Infanterie Legere

I finished up another battalion of French infantry yesterday. The 9th Regiment of Light Infantry in Napoleon's army. Six bases, one for each company.

The miniatures are plastic Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers, with line infantry heads, so that they have the epaulettes and sabres. The Victrix kits are highly customisable, which adds to construction time. Sadly many of the arms and extremities are quite spindly with several bayonets meeting their ends during painting by the lightest nudges. This is because the plastic is rather brittle compared to that of Perry Miniatures. 

The only metals in this unit are the mounted Colonel and Sappeur, also Victrix. This metal range is now discontinued, or sold by a U.S. company, but I got a pack before Victrix stopped selling them. I like dropping some extra miniatures into units just to  break up the uniformity across the army.

The standard is from GMB Designs. I would highly recommend their flag sheets, easy to work with and a good selection.

As you can doubtless see, the paint job is simply a block and dip, which results in some nice "dirt" toward the bottom of greatcoats, and also on the Sappeur's apron. A highlight might not go amiss just to neaten up cross belts and the Colonel's whites. I also think that the unit might benefit from another coat of matt varnish as parts of it still look a bit shiny. 

These fellows will take their place alongside my Battalion of Old Guard Grenadiers in the 1809 Campaign against the Austrians.