Wednesday, 31 December 2014

First Models I Ever Painted

I made a little video about the first miniatures I ever painted. I'd be interested to see others' first efforts.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Painting Update

I am currently wrangling with a lighting problem. My trusty hobby lamp's bulb died an untimely death a couple of weeks ago, and despite replacing it with more bulbs, I can't seem to get hold of proper, natural light bulbs. I've had a chat with the chaps at the club, and they have directed me towards something that might work.

The frustrating part is that I had quite a productive weekend, and finished off a fair few bits that were sat upon the painting table. I took photos, but had had to play with them extensively to get the colour to look half true to life.

Here they are:

Two more Ultramarine brothers, this was the only decent photo.
I have completed two more Ultramarines for my 30k army. I still have a fair bit of resin waiting for paint, a lot of which was donated kindly by Mr. T before he absconded to Canada. I am holding back a bit on this front with the promise of Ultramarine specific things next year. But I just can't help but work on these in parallel with whatever else is on the table.


Cover me brother!

Two veterans for my Dark Angel Command Squad. I decided to go for a close combat based unit, and as such power weapons abound. I particularly enjoyed building these fellows. The Apothecary is now almost done, the white being an absolute pain, and then all I have to do is the Champion and the Standard Bearer. I also bought the Dark Vengeance expansion set for Dark Angels, a video review of which is now on YouTube. 

At the moment I am looking to bulk out the Dark Angels with a flyer and some vehicles, so a Vindicator should be appearing soon. Additionally, I am probably going to mount my Command Squad in a Razorback for some protection and a little fire support.

I've also begun working on my Warmachine stuff again. Below are my first Warjack (Crusader?) and High Exemplar Kreoss, who has featured on the blog before. I repainted his Menoth crosses to match the 'Jack, and will probably repaint the metal parts of the 'Jack when I get an opportunity as the bronze isn't quite what I want. A club member has a Minotaur Space Marine army, and his bronze is fantastic. He has kindly shared his recipe with me, which I shall shamelessly steal and use for my own devious ends. 

I've made contact with the Warmachine/Hordes community near my workplace of Milton Keynes, and a kind forum member on the Privateer Press forums (Rangerbob) has offered to teach me how to play. So a warm welcome indeed, and impetus to paint my figures. 

Finally, more Vikings. These were painted an age ago, and are undergoing a bit of upkeep following years of neglect. I have a few more on the desk, and then I need to count how many of these hairy marauders I actually have. I think that Saga might now be within reach.

As a final note, I have actually finished my Soviet Strelkovy Company. I tried taking photos, but the lighting was miserably bad, and at 15mm scale, the figures looked awful. Once I sort out my lighting I will post some pictures.