Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Rather Productive Weekend

As Sunday draws to a close on a freezing weekend where we have had a light dusting of snow, I think back to Saturday morning and am struck by how much I got done. I started my day with a trip to town to pick up various supplies, and having done that, set about doing some modelling amongst my various other chores.

I made some bases for both my Deathwatch Kill Team and my Horus Heresy Ultramarines using various materials, and made some painting pegs and a crude stand for them. I made a video about it:

I then set about getting some painting done. I decided the other day that I would quite like to try playing Dreadball. So I began painting another Ork blocker, to go with the one I had painted ages ago. I finished him this evening. In truth, I can't stand these miniatures, they are poorly detailed for the most part, but I paid the money for them, so I might as well paint and use them. 

Latest addition is the chap on the left.

Of course, as soon as I uploaded the photo I realised that I had forgotten to paint his claws, but a quick coat of Ushabti Bone will fix that. Other than that, I got some undercoating done with the airbrush this afternoon. A platoon of 15mm Americans for World War II, half of my Deathwatch Kill Team, and five Ultramarines, as well as the bases I made, are all now undercoated. I even managed to get a start on the Ultramarines and a Deathwatch brother.

The plan is to do the Deathwatch one at a time, as a well as grind through a Dreadball Ork a day, depending on how much hobby time I get. The orange is a pain since neither tones of it cover particularly well, but I'll just have to push on through to get it done. The Ultramarines are pretty well defined in terms of painting line troops now, so I batch paint those. It has been great to get a win, even if just for a weekend, but I felt as though I got a fair bit done.