Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Wee Update from the Painting Desk

The last few months have been largely unproductive. My painting queue has stalled while I have been all over the place. First California, then Northern Ireland, and it seems that every spare moment in between has been spent with the Army Reserve. I also had a slight health setback in the last week and half that has put me back some.

So, I finally got a chance to sort my life out on the Bank Holiday (first day off in a month, much needed) and have finally got stuck in on the hobby space. I found, amidst the piles of stuff, Black Tree Design Gebirgsjäger, an Artizan German platoon, and more Poles, Black Tree Design again. I am still working away on my first lot of Warlord Games Poles, so the rest of the gang shall have to wait, but at least I know where they are now!

However, I have made some progress. Today I finished off a few more figures, in between cleaning and tidying. Ten more Vikings, and two more 30k Ultramarines, one of whom is a Sergeant. With the release of the Ultramarine specific bits from Forgeworld, I am holding off on any more building on that front until I can gather up the bits I need to make my Ultramarines look their best.

The painted for 2015 tally takes a leap up by Twelve, not a bad show! Hopefully with a more sorted workspace and life settling down a little I may get more done.