Monday, 13 May 2013

A Wee New Project

A friend of mine from my university days got in touch recently about a "Tale of Four Heretics" project he and a bunch of other guys I know from university were starting. The basic idea was to do a Space Marine army of the Heresy (all Forgeworldy and stuff) with each chap choosing a legion. 

I was honoured to be let into this secret cabal as an observer, and after one comment the words "Join Us" were uttered after which I was voluntold to participate as the Ultramarines. I couldn't say no, could I? So now I have until July 10th 2013 to paint five figures, an easy deadline. So now from being a "Tale of Four Heretics", it is now "The Dark Pact".

However, being as these are Ultramarines, which I've never painted and the Forgeworld figures cost a veritable fortune, I want to do a good job. So I found a black undercoated Tactical Marine, and did a colour test for my blues. Here are the results:

The blue looks about right. I found some pictures of Heresy era Ultramarines on the Internet, which are below:

The next phase will be deciding whether to go gold or yellow. Yellow is an horrific colour to paint well, but a gold that is too bright will make my super soldiers look just a little too bling. Again, a colour test is in order, but this will all be about finding the right balance. Gold seems appropriate given the time period with Ultramar riding high, but I want to get those cool helmet with the face piece and I don't imagine they would look too good being gaudy and golden. 

Lots to think about as I read "Know No Fear" by Dan Abnett, whose "Gaunt's Ghosts" novels I really enjoyed. Enjoying it so far, and hopefully I'll find some inspiration. This will be especially the case as regards the basing I choose, as I might splash out on resin bases and do something quite thematic.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Imperial Navy Armsmen

Here are some more pictures, with less shadow, of my Imperial Navy "Armsmen", which I called Marines previously. Thanks to the chaps over at the Lead Adventure Forum for pointing this out and all the positive feedback, especially Plynkes. Without further ado:

I also got some really positive feedback regarding a ruleset to use for small narrative skirmish games. Thus far In the Emperor's Name looks the best, being free, though I am keen to try out Two Hour Wargames' 5150: Star Army which is available in PDF form and looks like it might tick the boxes. However, the budget is tight this month, so I will defer purchases until I am sure I have money available to waste on wargaming. 

On a technical note, these pictures were taken using my "light box" which is hardly perfect yet. I have been playing with my camera settings to try and increase the light intake and the focus depth. Interestingly,  May 2013's issue of Miniature Wargames features an article by Henry Hyde of Battlegames and View from the Veranda fame on the topic of miniature photography, which I found very useful. As an aside, Miniature Wargames is looking really good under Mr. Hyde's direction and I am excited to receive my next issue. Digitally of course. 

Back to the Armsmen. I have my first scenario in mind for my narrative series, though I'll need the crashed Aquila Lander terrain piece for that as I don't have a crashed flyer to act as a suitable objective marker. I've sketched out the details for the scenario already, but I'll publish them on here once I've had a chance to actually do a play through. 

Of course we'll need some enemy for said scenario, and to that end I have been painting up some Orks. At the moment I am not happy with the colour scheme I have used so far. I won't repaint the once's I have done, the primary colours are fine, the issue is the more drab elements of the Orks which I am having a hard time feeling inspired by. Once I have more to show, I'll pop some pictures of the green menace up for your viewing pleasure.

Until then.

PS. Here are some Vikings I fixed up... I can't find their shields though.