Friday, 14 December 2012

Imperial Navy Landing Party Plans

A while back I was contemplating a series of 40k scenarios beginning with a crashed lander incident, a rescue attempt and then ramping up to a larger engagement. Nothing too large. I have been encouraged by the general response to the new edition of 40k and its narrative bent. To that end I have been painting up some old Mordian Iron Guard I had spare as an Imperial Navy landing party, think Royal Marines in the age of sail.

The two front figures are complete (except for bases), the rest almost done.
In total I have nine bods, two sergeant types, three assault weapons and a heavy weapons team. The heavy weapons team, which you can see lurking behind the two tester models above, are for a mortar. However, I don't have the mortar, and I rather want to equip these chaps with a little field piece instead. I had this in mind from Forgeworld:

Imperial Heavy Mortar. Copyright Forgeworld
Although not a field gun, at least the large shell in my gunner's arms will look appropriate. I might try and position the barrel at a shallower angle. At only £20 for the model it doesn't cost a fortune, and is quite a versatile piece. I will also need a head honcho for my guys to rescue and protect, and I thought the fellow in the middle looks suitably important.
Imperial Guard Regimental Advisors. Copyright Games Workshop.
And finally, a crashed lander is in order for the original scenario and again, another useful addition to the terrain collection can be made. I think things which are reusable, putting this down on any 40k battlefield, or even a Necromunda board, makes for something a little more interesting.
Crash Imperial Aquila Lander. Copyright Games Workshop.
These are all small purchases that I can make over the next few months without breaking the bank. I will of course be keeping you all updated with progress, such as it is.

Carry on.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lack of Impetus and sources of Inspiration

Those more observant readers will have noticed that I haven't posted for a while now. I could quote my jobs as being the cause of this absence, but the reality is simply that I have been incredibly busy "living". In the few months whilst grinding away at my two jobs, I have also been nurturing a busy social life, meaning that I seldom have a night off, and when I do, it is usually spent ironing or washing dishes or performing other mundane tasks more suited to robots.

In any event, I have been keeping my ears open as I am elbow deep in suds scrubbing the dishes and the recently my favourite company in my labours has been the Independent Characters podcast. The last three episodes, 65-67, have been particular favourites, and I find that the more I listen to the chaps chatting away, the more I come to like them. I suppose it stems from the fact we share a love of a cinematic style of wargaming, dominated by a strong narrative. Episode 61 on The Mestre Incursion really brought this home to me, and I applaud their efforts to create what in my mind is the ultimate style of campaign.

If you haven't listened to the podcast, please do. I know some British listeners might find the American accents of the hosts grating, but I assure you, the ear adjusts very quickly, and this really is a podcast worth listening to.

That's all for now, carry on.