Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My First Game of Warmachine

A fortnight ago I made my way to Wargames Workshop in Kingston, Milton Keynes, on a Monday evening after work to play my first game of Warmachine. I had made contact with a really nicely fellow called Rob (Rangerbob on the Privateer Press forums) and he had agreed to run me through it. I did my level best to get pain to my Protectorate of Menoth miniatures before the game, ignoring the unit since we were going to play the "Mangled Metal" scenario which is a Warjack and Warcaster death-match. Rob and Glenn, who was a helpful observer/guide, giving me advice and clarifying queries I had.

In the end I didn't get everything painted, but there was paint on the models, and that is what matters. I've made a short little YouTube video with some thoughts on the game and on my paint scheme going forward.

In short, it is a really tight game, with a solid community and "scene". The chaps who were teaching me were really nice and are keen to foster a larger community. In fact, I was so enthused by the game that I immediately arranged to teach my local wargaming opponent, Taff, how to play, and last Thursday evening we ran through a quick Mangled Metal game, with Taff taking command of Kommander Sorscha. His impression was positive, so that bodes well. I am hoping to get involved in the Milton Keynes Journeyman league when that begins in September with my Protectorate of Menoth stuff. Whilst I was initially attracted to Khador's Tzarist/Soviet aesthetic, I really like the Protectorate of Menoth playing style. so I think that for now I will continue to build upon those things which are already painted.