Monday, 30 June 2014

June HPC Complete: Deathwing Squad Barachiel

A Photo finish...

Tomorrow, when the sun is up and I am not tired, I will take some better pictures and do a run through of the squad.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Slow progress is still progress

"The Victory of the Five Year Plan is a Strike Against Capitalism"
As I write this post I am mindful of the fact that I haven't really achieved all that much in terms of painting in the last few weeks. Normally this would dishearten me immensely, but given that it is summer time and the weather is fine, I find that most evenings after work I seek out the company of friends rather than little toy troops. 

This week has involved only one evening at the painting desk, the rest of the time I have been out and about, and then straight to bed. As I think on this I am of course a little disappointed, perhaps with Stalinist zeal I should simply raise the targets on the Five Year Plan! Or do I simply let go, and accept that the winter is the campaigning season? 

Ultimately we all have lives, and finding time for those miniatures we so love to paint can often be a challenge. I am perhaps a little wary that I have an HPC target for June, but I remain confident that it will all come together. As for the rest of it, well, I'll paint it when I paint it. How very laissez-faire Graf Brits! Surely this is the road to ruin. Hardly. This is after all a hobby and as such should be an enjoyment and not a chore. Not that it feels that way, mind. 

With all that said, here is a picture of some progress, two completed Deathwing Terminators, part of my June HPC commitment. These figures are a pleasure to paint and the bone white makes a nice change from Dark Green. At the moment I am finishing the Sergeant, then I only have four more to do. I can knock these out at around one a day with minimal effort, so I should get it done on time. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

All Quiet on the Painting Front

This week has been an unmitigated failure in terms of painting. I only managed to get the basecoats onto my Deathwing Terminators, but little else. This has been due to two factors, firstly, I have started a new job which has occupied my thoughts and my time. Secondly, I have been meeting with friends in the evening, friends who I have not seen for some time. So naturally there has been very little done with paint and brush, but hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to get some layers and highlights down and push the Deathwing forward to completion.

Whilst I haven't accomplished much in terms of concrete production, I have been reading my way through the excellent Black Powder ruleset from Warlord games. The tone and spirit of these rules makes me an immediate fan, and, as soon as I am equipped with enough battalions to throw lead at each other I shall be putting these rules to the test.

As it stand I have a battalion of Old Guard Grenadiers, Légère, and Ligne all done, or almost done. Another job for the weekend. They will need a commander of sorts, some cavalry and artillery of course, so I imagine I shall have to order some of those fantastic plastics from the Perry's soon and a few artillery pieces. I'll also need to start thinking about painting my Victrix Austrians soon too.

Well, the rain is falling outside my window, and I hear the faint whisper of the painting desk calling me.