Saturday, 1 March 2014

This Week in the Hobby 28/02/2014

Sometimes, I fee like this guy.
This has been a particularly busy week. Again I was down on the Gold Coast and away from my little toy soldiers, doing some contract work. The good news is I've earned some money, got a tan, and earned some extra dollars by selling off a load of Aluminium from the tear down we've been doing. However, as you can imagine, I didn't get much painting done, being separated from your miniatures for four days straight will do that. I did get to finish these chaps today for the HPC 2014. They are an addendum for my February commitment. The squad of seven wouldn't have been legal, so I needed to bump it up to ten. I am happy with the job on these, the figures are okay, nothing fancy, but they did the trick. All they need now is some transfers, which I will do when I am at home, and the middle fellow needs his base finishing, i.e. grass and edging.

With these, Squad Raphael is now complete.
Despite not getting much painting done, I did manage to arrange a mobile storage solution for my things. Thursday afternoon I headed back North to pick up some more clothes etc, and I while I was in Springwood I popped into Officeworks and picked up a $15 organiser box which I filled with all my hobby things so that I could paint on the road.

Everything in its place.
While I was at home I also popped up the road to Games Workshop Mt. Gravatt to collect my order that I had placed ages ago. It was also an opportunity to see what was going on there. My miniatures curious cousin Anri also tagged along to see what was happening. The place is massive, I might have mentioned that before, but they have a huge retail space, and then an annex with ten or more table in it. Additionally, everyone there seems really friendly. Unlike those one man stores where it is all about the sale. I have had the staff members in the UK chat affably before disappearing the minute someone walks through the door to do the whole sales pitch. Fair enough, one gots to get paid, but then don't try and be the hobby guy who chats only to bugger off mid-sentence. GW Mt. Gravatt, is nothing like that. I hope to visit it more frequently as my movements allow.

So, I picked up my Dark Angel accessory sprues, shoulder pads and some bases and added it to the pile of stuff I have waiting for me at home which I had bought off Wargamerau. So, at present I have a Tactical Squad, a Command Squad and enough bits for about ten more marines. This will allow my force to grow nice and organically over the course of the HPC. The only thing I still really want is a Dreadnought, but I suspect that can wait a little longer. I am going to try and get another scout for my March commitment done this weekend, but it is so hot and humid here on the Gold Coast I suspect I might fail. Also, I have to work Saturday which of course cuts down on my hobby time.

Finally, I have almost finished Mechanicum, which coincides nicely with the release of the Imperial Knights from Games Workshop. I must admit that I am a little bit tempted. I am sure I could squeeze one into my Dark Angels army...