Monday, 31 March 2014

Tactical Squad Gabriel

My second Tactical Squad for my Dark Angels army as my April commitment for the 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge is now complete, and it has been a little bit emotional. Firstly, I hate model kits where I have to assemble every part of the figure. I am sure some people enjoy being able to customise the tilt of the the torso on the legs, or festoon their figures with tiny little purity seals, but I, gentle reader, prefer the simplicity of line troops being quick to assemble and paint.

It feels like I spent forever assembling these troops. So much so that I feel like I spent more time assembling them than actually painting them. Of course this is ludicrous, and entirely untrue, but this is certainly a case of experience trumping reality. Assembly issues aside, I thoroughly enjoyed painting the squad. I opted to use the metal cast Dark Angel shoulder pads, and freehand the squad markings on the right hand shoulder pads. My experience with transfers recently has only served to drive me further from wanting to use them. Since the symbol is simple, and involves two triangles joined by a square it didn't prove too taxing. The one thing that isn't 100% complete yet is the assault gunner. I plan to magnetise the weapons I painted and his hand so that I can swap out the assault weapon if I so choose. I will probably be fielding him with a plasma gun most of the time, but I'll have option of the flamer and melta just in case.

My next commitment is going to have to be a character, I feel. My merry little band needs a leader and it feels like the right time to commit to painting one. The major issue I have is that I feel that this will swiftly devolve into a quagmire as I desperately try and do the lovely Dark Vengeance character models justice.

Here are some more pictures of the figures individually. I have to say a massive thank you to Craig (Bowlzee) from the IC Forums for kindly donating the heavy bolter for this squad, along with some combi weapons that will be used on my veterans or command squad.

The bolter armed brothers.

Heavy gunner, Sergeant Gabriel, grenadier and assault gunner.

Until next time.

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