Saturday, 8 March 2014

This Week in the Hobby 08/03/2014

Total hobby time this week: 80 minutes.

I've been down on the Gold Coast again all week, and this is all the time I got to put paint to model. These little sessions, two of them, were squeezed in the morning at five o'clock in glorious Gold Coast sunshine. With my fancy hobby box now a reality, I can travel with my things and set up a hobby space in no time, so getting little sessions in is a possibility. 

At the moment I am working on my Hobby Progress Challenge March commitment, five Space Marine Scouts. I also got myself a sergeant figure off eBay and he will be added as and when. I have finished one scout so far, and hopefully by the end of the weekend I can have the other four done, if I am really lucky I might even get the sergeant done as well. 

I am also going to try and get some transfers onto my three tactical marines that I added to last month's commitment. I did toy with the idea of freehanding the shoulder pads, but that would be unnecessarily time consuming I think. Once those three chaps are complete, I want to take some pictures of the whole of Squad Raphael together. 

Not overly happy with the amount of time I am getting for my hobby at the moment, but I will have to learn to work around it.