Friday, 14 March 2014

This Week in the Hobby 14/03/2014

It has been a pretty busy week for me hobby wise as work has been nonexistant. Obviously this means no money, but I thought I'd use the opportunity to get my March HPC commitment done. The feedback and encouragement from the Independent Characters Forum has been integral in keeping me focused, and moving forward.

So without further ado, here is the completed Scout Squad Nehemiel, attached to the 5th Company. I decided I wanted a close combat orientated scout squad for my Zone Mortalis portion, as it seemed coll and fitting. Infiltrate and Move Through Cover should be useful from a gaming perspective, and the more interesting armour with its webbing and such makes a pleasant break from painting power armour.

My advice to anyone painting Space Marine armies is to always vary what you paint. Tactical Squads might be the core of your force, but there are ways of making the process of building and painting an army more interesting for yourself. So for now my force consists of the following:

Tactical Squad Raphael: 10 Marines, led by Veteran Sergeant Raphael who wields a plasma pistol and chainsword, the squad also features a Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun.

Scout Squad Nehemiel: 6 Scouts, led by Veteran Sergeant Nehemiel. Everyone wields close combat weapons and bolt pistols, except for one brother who carries a combat shotgun.

Things are starting to take shape. One point to note is that I don't necessarily care much for points or for building optimal lists, I prefer the look of the units. I always think that Dark Angels should feature many plasma weapons, so I tend to include them, even if they are often expensive. This puts me in an interesting position as regards my Command Squad and any Veterans I might build, as my instinct is to tool them up because it looks good, but with the strictures of the HPC I should keep points costs in mind, decisions decisions. However, those decisions can wait a little longer as I am focussed more on my April commitment. My choices are:

(i) Another 10 man Tactical Squad
(ii) Deathwing Terminators
(iii) An independent Character
(iv) Ravenwing Bikers

I'll take a few days to consider my options I think, but with two troops choices locked in, I have the freedom to choose whatever I fancy. In other hobby news, I bought my first Malifaux models the other day, three Ronin. I think two of these figures are amazing, one is okay. I'll be posting a Youtube video of my thoughts soon, and then get down to painting them.

Furthermore, I also picked up the bronzes I wanted to use on my Protectorate of Menoth 'Jacks, so I can also begin working on those in earnest. Lots to look forward to over the weekend, here's to hoping we all meet our hobby goals.