Friday, 21 February 2014

This Week in the Hobby 21/02/2014

Another slow week. Having spent most of it down on the Gold Coast engaged in work, I lacked the opportunity to get much done. I did however, manage to finish off my High Exemplar Kreoss for Warmachine, all he needs now is a little basing to finish him off. Quite happy with the paint job I have achieved, but I find these "restic" miniatures a little strange to paint. I've tried using a roughly Menoth palette, but still allowed them a wide enough berth for the figures to cameo in 40k games as Mechanicum or Ecclesiarchy forces if I want them to.

I am going to get started on some Warjacks for the Protectorate of Menoth next, try and get through those so that I can start learning the game with some human aid, as I am finding it hard to absorb the rules ex libro quite difficult. It isn't so much that the rules are unclear or even that complicated, but frankly, I am reading rules that I haven't had a chance to apply in a situation, it lacks tangibility.

Brother Crixus, ready for action.

The Dark Pact isn't forgotten! I also got another 30k Ultramarine done, Brother Crixus who will join Sergeant Demetrios of Orpheus to take the fight to Horus's lapdogs. Next up on the Ultramarine queue is Demetrios Poliorketes, who will be revealed once ready for the camera. And apologies for the poor quality of the above photos, I took them at the painting desk with my iPad camera. Once the last of the three "Demetrioi" is complete I'll do some better shots of them. Here are some more pictures of Crixus.

For those who don't keep track of such things or simply aren't aware of them, do yourselves a favour and have a look at the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge forum. I am currently engaged in the HPC as a means of getting my Dark Angels done, but the real pleasure is the community spirit and seeing other people work and reach their goals. Furthermore, there is some exceptional talent on the forums, and it is inspiring. For my next trick, I will be painting up three more Tactical Marines who will join Squad Raphael. The box of three arrived at Irresistible Force this week, and I picked them up this morning. Hopefully by Sunday night they will be complete.

Believe it or not but Games Workshop make a little box of three Space Marine. The sprue inside looks like this and provides one with a little boost to increase numbers, which I need since I foolishly did three tester marines from the Dark Vengeance set. What a clown. 

Not much by way of customisability but they'll do the trick to get my squad up to ten men. The scouts I won on eBay also arrived this week, there are six in close combat configuration. I am planning on doing a squad of five for the HPC which I may add to as it progresses. Furthermore, I also bought some things off a chap on the forum, which he sent out today, I expect they will get here mid next week. I got a Command Squad, Tactical Squad and 15 Ultramarine shoulder pads for $65 Australian, so around £30, including postage. What a deal! So the Dark Angels are starting to shape up nicely. 

It is just too hot to paint today. The humidity is simply killing us all, so the pool is the only safe place left to us. Hoopefully I can basecoat tonight when it is cooler.