Thursday, 13 February 2014

This Week in the Hobby 15/02/2014

Another week has rolled by and I haven't got as much done as I'd have liked. I've spent the week working down on the Gold Coast and staying there, so my models were far from me. In any event, I got back Thursday night and finished my Veteran Sergeant. All he needed doing was his Plasma Coil painting, as did all my Plasma weapons. So Friday morning, which also happened to be Valentine's day, I headed up to Mt Gravatt, to check out the Games Workshop store there, pick up some flowers for H, and then stopped in at Irresistible Force to pick up the paints I needed and some static grass. 

Games Workshop Mt. Gravatt is massive. The floorspace is huge and spacious and they have a whole room dedicated to tables, which is totally unlike all the Games Workshop stores I have visited in the UK, excepting Warhammer World of course. The chap at the till, Alastair is a friendly fellow and I had a nice chat with him about an order I had asked to be delivered to the store. I have ordered some Dark Angels shoulder pads and a Dark Angel upgrade sprue for the Hobby Progress Challenge. I spent a while there before heading back down to Tana Merah and getting the paints I needed with the nifty discount Gavin offers at his store, sorry GW, not this time!

The good news is that with the colours I needed and some static grass in hand I was able to finish my HPC commitment for February, Squad Raphael. Here are the pictures...

Not happy with the pictures I took today, I had to make do with taking them outside in the glorious Queensland sunshine. Focus isn't right, and I didn't have a good surface to take them on. Oh well. 
I've been keeping the HPC thread bouncing on the IC forums, and getting some really useful help from the guys there. Especially as regards how to buy things on the cheap here in Australia. eBay has been a lucky hit as I managed to pick up six metal scouts for $14 which I was chuffed with, they should arrive today or Monday. I must admit, gaming on a budget is something I haven't done in a long while. 

My goals for the week ahead are to get three more tactical marines painted to make my February commitment "street legal", and the bring the squad up to ten. I've ordered the three marine box from Gavin at Irresistible Force, and he'll drop me a text message when they arrive. Now that is customer service! Additionally, I am going to try and get some more of my Warmachine stuff done, I am going to finish my Menoth Caster and my 'Jacks so that I can play small games and start learning. However, with this lovely sunshine, it will be a challenge staying indoor. Well, that is all gentle readers, until next week.


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