Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Easter Edition

Another week where I haven't really got that much done. I saw off the radiant Lady H off to Blighty on Monday night, and am now alone in Australia. She has gone early for a whole bunch of work related things, whilst I wrap things up on this end. Hopefully by the end of April I shall board a steamer for Plymouth, and be reunited with her and the dogs, who have been billeted with parents in our absence. I suppose it is a small mercy that we didn't drag them along to Southern climes only to have to repeat the trip again. 
A tired Klongtjie.

Evie looking dashing.

The wolf pack.
Painting progress has been rather slow due to my work schedule which has been immensely busy in the run up to Easter weekend. I must admit that one of the things I miss most about Britain is my usual routine for Holy Week where I am at the Oxford Oratory almost daily. Easter is by far my favourite religious holiday, and I don't even do the whole Easter eggs thing. I suppose it is little certainties like these that we miss when we set off far from home.
The altars are stripped, the statues are covered.
I have managed to get some paint onto my Librarian for the Dark Angels project. Admittedly, he is nowhere near done. I have found it really hard to get his face done, as the gap I have to work with is so slight, but hopefully over the weekend I will find the opportunity to get him done. Once he is complete I will move on to the Chaplain figure I got with the limited edition Dark Vengeance set. He promises to pose a whole new challenge with the predominance of black and the smoke issuing from his back pack. I find that sometimes sitting and staring at the figure helps the brain figure out what to do with it, and for now I am still in that phase with Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus. 

Besides that, I am reading away as always, and returning to the Franco-Prussian War wikipedia article more than I should. I have also been thinking about creating some pages, like the excellent Arlequin's World blog, which collect information on completed armies and such in a fashion that is less ephemeral than a simple blog post. The plan is to do this systematically over a longish period, but probably only adding the photographs later when I get back to England so that I can do some decent shoots in a lightbox. Busy hands are happy hands.

The last thing I would like to do is wish you all a happy and holy Easter.