Friday, 31 January 2014

This Week in the Hobby 01/02/2014

So another week is over. What did I achieve? Well, my initial list of goals is below:

- Get painting supplies, Dark Angels palette mainly.
- Sort out a decent lamp with white light.
- Arrange a painting spot, probably on the floor initially, using the TV table. 
- Make contact with local gaming personalities. 
- Start reading the 40k Rulebook.
- Get a Dark Angels Codex.

As you can see, mostly successful. The codex was a breeze, I simply got it on the iBook store due to wanting to travel light. The 40k rulebook will be done in the same manner, although I haven't purchased it yet, although upon closer inspection it appears to be the mini rulebook, which is a little disappointing. Anywho, with the Dark Angels Codex I was able to pointify my Dark Vengeance holdings for Hobby Progress Challenge, and I also got the paints I need to get them done. So far I am almost two down. Here they are: 

The one on the right is done except for his basing and metal highlights.
I haven't made too much progress making contact with other players, but there have been tentative rumblings over on the Independent Characters Forum. I also asked at Irresistible Force and it seems to be a hotbed for Warmachine, which I don't play. Still, it is early days and I don't have anything to play with, so I am not in too much of a hurry. The good news is that Brisbane has a vibrant gaming scene, so I shouldn't have too much trouble once I have better idea of what I want to play. 

The final thing is painting space... I haven't got a lamp, but sunlight is abundant here, so I it isn't 100% necessary. A dedicated hobby space is problematic though, and to that end I am looking for a tray/box type solution so that I can pack and unpack swiftly when hobby time kicks in. That said I still got some work done. Not bad.