Friday, 10 January 2014

Painted Figure Showcase for December/January

As I draw dangerously near to my departure date for Australia, I have been hastily trying to get a bunch of near finished stuff on my desk completed. Below is, for your delectation, gentle readers, some eye candy of what I have been up to.

First up, we have Dark Pact 30k Ultramarines. There are two more on my desk to make the first squad up to ten. The lighting outside made these guys look slightly lighter than they really are, still I think you get a sense of the figures. These Mk V power armoured marines actually look pretty good all painted up.

Left to right: Aurelian, Mox Viridis and Cain the Younger.

I also finished my Imperial Officer of the Fleet. Lord Admiral Marcus Erasmus, Hammer of the Eastern Fringe, declared "Soter" (Saviour) by the High Oligarch of Venda, approved by the Cardinals Major and the Volksraad of the same system. I will write more about him in a separate post. My previously published Armsmen are his bodyguard for planetside occasions.

I have also finished a few Orks. The colour scheme is all intimately linked to my Imperial Guard who hail from Venda Prime. I tried doing hazard stripes, and I think with practice I will get the technique down. They aren't a high priority asset for painting, but Imperials always need an opponent. 

 Finally, I have been busy working on the Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance boxed. These figures painted up a treat and I was very happy with my Deathwing armour. The lighting in these shots doesn't really show the figures as they really look, as I said the colours seem a bit washed out in the photographs. I have done the Tactical Marines with 5th Company Markings.

So, my goal for the end of the weekend is to finish a battalion of French Legere in 28mm and to base my painted Fire & Fury Confederates (15mm). And on Sunday, I shall have to decide what gets to come with me to Australia.

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