Friday, 24 January 2014

Hobby Progress Challenge 2014

The intrepid writer assembles "quality" Swedish furniture.
Today H and I braved driving tropical rains to go to IKEA. It was my first time, and I hope the last time. We returned with some house things, which I duly set about assembling for Lady Tottington whilst she commented upon my labours. How very manly of me.

In between being put to work as an indentured servant, swabbing floors, assembling furniture and generally grafting, I managed to make it to Irresistible Force in Tana Merah today and pick up some paints and brushes. What an experience. The store is small, but oh so lovely. The owner is a nice chap who I didn't have a chance to introduce myself to properly as I was in a rush. He likes cricket and wargames, so there isn't much to dislike. This will be my first local gaming store and I am chuffed. Once I am a little more settled I'll set about trying to sound out the local gaming scene.

10 paints and three brushes, $80AUD, ouch!
I decided also, to join the Independent Characters "Hobby Progress Challenge 2014". As a long time fan and seeing the virtue of the HPC I think it will be good for me. So I duly threw my hat into the ring on the IC Podcast forums, you can see my thread here. The immediate upshot has been that I have made contact with a local, Bowlzee. Perhaps one day our completed forces can do battle in Sunny Queensland.

I think I will be running the HPC blogposts in parallel to the forum thread so as to document it here, perhaps in more detail. We shall see. Below is my initial list for the 1000 point Zone Mortalis list, for which I have chosen the Attacker Force Organisation chart.

Company Master Balthasar - Power Weapon. - 105

Librarian Turmiel - Lvl 2 Upgrade. - 100

Tactical Squad (10) including a Vet. Sergeant (plasma pistol, melta bombs), Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon. - 200

Deathwing Terminators (8) including a Sergeant, Assault Cannon, 1 Chain Fist. - 377

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (3) including a Vet Sergeant (melta bombs), Plasma Gun. - 110

The total at the moment is 892 points, which I will jockey up once I have a better handle on where the project will go. Until then citizens...

+ The Emperor Protects +