Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Tough Month Ahead

July looks to be rather unfriendly with regards my painting schedule. The reality is that I do not have a single day off, bar a few Sunday afternoons, when I go to Mass anyway, until August. This is due to working Monday to Friday and a heavy Army commitment on the weekends this month. However, the monetary benefits will certainly be a reality next month!

So basically this is a heads up that I might not get too much new stuff up on here, though I will try and push on. I have almost finished a rather leisurely painted Dwarven Thunderers unit, and the first half of my Old Guard Grenadier Battalion, so I might be able to round those off in the few hours I have to myself in the evenings.

However, in lieu of painting, I will try and get some reviews up on here. Well, not reviews, but thoughts on things I have bought recently. I wasn't planning on purchases, but the combination of my birthday in late June and a desire to see the new plastic sets in the "flash" have made me buckle. Addiction. In any event, I have already shared my thoughts on the Black Tree Designs Romans, so expect more poorly thought out thoughts on figures.

I got hold of 60 Perry Foundry Early Imperial Romans, which are my favourite, for about £20, an absolute bargain, on eBay. These are for the planned Northern frontiers army. I also thought I'd get my hands on some Warlord Roman Veterans to see how they scale, and just what they look like since I find pictures on the web seldom give one a real sense of the figures. I also got some Celts and got a cheeky box of Perry French Infantry out of curiosity. However, I have been really busy so the boxes are still sat unopened on my shelf.

On another note, my friend James from the Whispers of Chaos Blog put me onto the Bad Dice Podcast, a *spit* Warhammer podcast. I was, however, pleasantly surprised and am enjoying listening to the back episodes when I go running or at the gym. Even if you aren't a Warhammer player, which I am not, I'd recommend it as one gets some insight into the scene and frankly it makes me want to actually play.

So a rough one ahead, but we will grizz it out and hope for the best, stiff upper lip, what-what...