Sunday, 1 July 2012

Old Guard Grenadiers

So I have been planning for some time to build forces for the 1809 Austrian Campaign. Originally I was going to do it in 15mm using AB Figures however, with the advent of plastics, 28mm has become a real option. Given that an AB battalion comes in at £24, I really couldn't turn down 60 figures, at least two battalions worth, for about £20. I prefer painting 28mm and these Victrix figures are a pleasure to speed paint using a dipping method which I have copied from Doc T on the Warhammer forum.
My first attempt was on eight Foundry Old Guard Grenadiers which I received with the Napoleonic painting set. I was never going to use them, but it seems that will not be the case anymore. I got those eight painted in record time using the wash and dip method. The only thing the much smaller Foundry figure now needs is some highlighting, especially on the belts and raised cloth, to make it look less dirty. They are in full dress after all. The great coat wearing Victrix grognards can afford to look a little more scruffy as they are "on the road".
Grenadiers at various stages of completion.
The first picture shows four figures at various stages of completion. The leftmost has simply been washed with very watered down coats of paint. The second figure has had black added for the boots, bearskin and those parts which will be metal. The third figure has been painted with Army Painter Strong Shade dip, dried and sprayed with anti-shine. The final figure is complete, with metal parts done.
Close-ups of the initial stages of painting. 
You will notice a difference in the opacity of the blue. Using a wash that is super thin results in a more faded look, so by playing with the ratios of water to paint you can get a really nice variety of blues. This would have been due to the sun, colours running when soaked, and general wear. I am currently aiming at getting this first battalion done, which will be the 1st BTN 2nd Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard. The unit will consist of 24 figures which will include a mounted Colonel and a Sapper since these are the first battalion.