Sunday, 18 January 2015

Poland 1939: Polish Test Figure Done

I finished my first Polish Infantryman today. The scheme largely consists of browns, greens, and greys of various hue, so I feel that my decision to paint the coloured collar tabs brought some much needed colour to the figure. These collar tabs vary based upon the wearers arm of service. Infantry wore dark blue, with a white zig zag trim. I lightened the blue based upon personal taste. 

Keen eyed observers will notice that I have painted the eyes on this figure, which is something I never bother with. Normally the eyes are shadowed by the helmet, or other headwear, but this chap's helmet is slightly back, so the eyes had to be done.  

The colours I used are as follows, Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise stated. I painted almost everything in a three step highlight, directions below:

  • Clothing: Russian Uniform Green -> Green Brown -> 50/50 White & Green Brown
  • Helmet: Camo Olive Green -> Brown Violet -> Green Grey
  • Webbing: German Field Grey -> Green Grey -> 50/50 White & Green Grey
  • Ankle Puttees: Steel Legion Drab (GW) -> Karak Stone (GW)
  • Ammo Pouches, Entrenching Tool Cover & Back Pack Straps: German Camo Medium Brown -> Flat Earth -> Green Brown
  • Boots: German Camo Medium Brown -> Flat Earth -> 50/50 White & Flat Earth
  • Backpack: English Uniform -> Khaki -> Stone Grey
  • Bedroll: Rhinox Hide (GW) -> German Camo Medium Brown -> Flat Earth
  • Gasmask Container & Mess Tin: Camo Olive Green -> Russian Uniform Green
  • Bayonet Hilt & Entrenching Tool Handle: Foundry Spearshaft triad. 
  • Rifle Body: Rhinox Hide (GW) -> Doombull Brown (GW) -> Skrag Brown (GW)
  • Metal bits: Black -> Charcoal Black B (Foundry) -> Gunmetal Grey
  • Collar Tabs: Foundry Royal Blue triad.

Basing wise, I did the two tone scheme as shown in the last post. I then added some grass and winter grass tufts. I want to add some scale bricks later on, as I think it will add a little more colour to an otherwise brownish-greenish scheme. 

I've avoided using metals to a large extent, since rifle parts are usually dull, except the working parts. This is due to mechanical wear and the cleaning process. So the metallic parts of the rifle are dark grey with a touch of gunmetal in the appropriate places. 

Now all that remains is for me to repeat this a bazillion times.