Sunday, 18 January 2015

BEF 1914: Rifle Brigade Corporal

Here is a Woodbine Design NCO that I painted up as a Corporal from the Rifle Brigade. The Rifle Brigade had slightly different kit from the rest of the British Expeditionary Force; the hat strap was black instead of brown, the buttons of the tunic black, and the chevrons Rifle Green on a black background. The Rifles, the descendant regiment of the Rifle Brigade and many of the Light Infantry regiments, still maintain these details in their No. 1 and No. 2 uniforms. 

I tried painting the chevrons on this fellow, and they came out okay. In order to get the black and green in I oversized them somewhat, which is okay when painting miniatures in my mind.

The painting scheme I have followed is Mark Hargreaves' excellent guide. This is available from Mark directly at his website Over Open Sights. You will need to e-mail Mark to get these excellent guides, he is a top fellow and incredibly helpful. He certainly helped me with extra information.

Mark's scheme results in a nice greenish khaki which is exactly what I wanted. His blog is also inspirational, and I find myself visiting it frequently to check out some detail or other.

This chap will be leading his brave fighting lads through the low countries one day, holding back the tide of Kaiser Bill's Hunnish hordes. However, as of now this is very much a "paint as I fancy" project.

Basing wise, I have gone for a Burnt Umber - Ochre - Ivory three tone scheme, which I will finish off with a liberal amount of grass and some of those little flowers that everyone seems to be using these days. I think the flowers will add some colour to an otherwise drab miniature and give it the feel of the Belgian countryside.