Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dark Angels and a July Commitment

I thought I'd take some group shots of my first thousand points of Dark Angels today, and so I did. I used my iPhone, so the pictures aren't great, but I was more interested in showing the progress than showcasing the miniatures.

The first thousand points.

I think the force looks coherent with a decent quality across the board. The Deathwing also seem quite at home. And so, for my next trick...

A squadron of Ravenwing bikers, again from the Dark Vengeance boxed set, and what lovely figures they are! I do have some older ones from a few editions ago, but these are just so nice. I might paint up the others too. But this is my HPC commitment for July. With the figures being black, I am going to use my airbrush to basecoat them, and then try to do the highlights with the airbrush too and see how it goes. 

Looking beyond this month, I have a Dreadnought I could paint up, as well as a Command Squad and Company Master Balthasar. So there is plenty to keep me busy.