Friday, 30 May 2014

Hobby Progress Challenge 2014: May Complete

So I have dashed across the finish line at the very last moment. Well, not the very last moment, as in reality I have another two days, but the fact is that from 0800 today, I will be on the move and I won't be home until Sunday night, late. I'll be working all day tomorrow and then I'll be in the field playing soldiers for the weekend, and I don't think I can take my models with me.

Behold! The second of my May commitments complete, Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus of the Dark Angels. As with most independent characters, I am not satisfied with the job I have done. However, the purpose of the HPC is to get models painted and on the table. There are still some highlights to do and the golds and smoke will need more attention, but I can always swing around later and do some more touch ups and a little static grass. That said, I would be happy to put this figure on the table and call it painted.

My commitment for June will be a Squad Barachiel, Deathwing terminators, to take my Zone Mortalis force up to 1015 points and complete the first half of the HPC. Depending on when I can wangle some time away from H, I will be looking to head across the Severn to Cardiff to take the field with my newly painted Dark Angels against the Dark Pact boys. Hopefully I will be able to crush the xenos forces of Eldar, Orks and Tyranids that are likely to be arrayed against me. It all becomes rather exciting when you might actually get a game in.

I realise that I have been a little quiet on the blogging front of late, this has largely been due to being horrendously busy trying to find work. I have managed to land an interesting opportunity with a small startup company, which begins Monday. Hopefully a solid income and the regularity of a working day will give me the time and structure I need to start blogging again. At the moment my every hobby minute has been spent painting miniatures. The upside is that I should have more to share in the coming weeks.