Thursday, 18 April 2013

Playing with the Citadel Wood

I finished the Imperial Navy Marine landing party the other day. They are all varnished and waiting to be photographed, but sadly I haven't had a chance to photograph them properly. Photographing miniatures can be a real challenge. If the weather is fine, natural light from the sun usually does the trick, but this is England. Indoors things get complicated, even with a good light source shadows can ruin your shots, no matter how good your camera. One solution is to build a lightbox, but space is an issue for me and frankly I haven't had the time to make one. Furthermore, to take really nice pictures a tripod is ideal, and I don't have one. I am hoping this weekend, in between felling a pine tree in my garden, to sort out my rig and take some pictures. I'll post my how-to and where I learnt about it all when it is done.

In the meantime, I have been basing my 15mm WWII Russians, again I'll knock up a tutorial showing a step by step when I get an opportunity. I wasn't keen on the first technique I employed, so I decided to try a little something different and am happy with the result. Again, I'll do a post on it as soon as I can.

I've also got the terrain bug again, and with the Marines done I can start thinking about my scenarios for them. Terrain is a must for me, so I got started on a Citadel Wood I bought a while back. It really deserves a post in its own right, but here is what I've done on the base us far:

So there, proof I am still ticking along. I have the weekend off so I hope to get some photographing done so that these posts aren't just wordy.

Carry on.