Thursday, 11 April 2013

15mm Napoleonic Austrian Army 1809 on eBay

I finally decided to get rid of my Principles of War 15mm army. I commissioned it several years ago from Principles of War, and then received a package from him a long while after. I didn't actually open the package completely for about a year, and then found that various bits and pieces were missing. Needless to say I was disappointed, and even more so when I found that PoW had gone out of business and I was never going to get those last few bits. It isn't the end of the world, but there are no division commander figures, or a C-i-C, but that is easily remedied.

Anyway, as my earlier posts show, I am a sucker for 28mm Napoleonic, and with the proliferation of plastics it is becoming more and more affordable. Therefore, there is no reason for me to hang onto these figures anymore. They are currently on eBay:


I hope they go to someone who will get some actual use out of them.

PS Has anyone else been burned by a company closing half way through a job, or before delivering entirely on an order, but after taking your money.