Sunday, 15 May 2016

Long Awaited Update

I have not had much chance to paint or play recently. With the workload on my current course, and all the usual things that life throws our way, time has been in short supply. In lieu of painting, I have been using the opportunity to read up on various topics, ranging from the English Civil War, to the Russian Civil War, and of course, the Polish campaign of September 1939. 

In the last few days I found a few hours to put paint to miniature, and the fruits of my labour are shown here:

I finished this Ravenwing Veteran Sergeant a while back, but I haven't had a chance to photograph him in the light box yet with the snazzy camera. I have another Ravenwing biker who just needs his weapon arm and shoulder pad finishing. 

I bought some Agema Velites from Northstar in their January sale and painted and assembled these fellows in no time. They will be making an appearance in my YouTube video review of the Agema Velites boxed set.

A work-in-progress British staff officer from Great War miniatures. A pleasure to paint. He will be part of my BEF lot. Not much movement on that front, but then I indulge myself occasionally with this project. 

Polish infantry! Yes, they are coming. Their bases are done, and I have made a start on their uniforms. I'm reading a lot about the campaign, and I would love to finish up with the forces necessary to play the battle of Lviv. 

Three sections of 15mm American riflemen for the Italian campaign. These chaps are just waiting for a highlight and then I can finish off their bases with some static grass. I'm planning on using these guys with Chain of Command and I Ain't Been Shot Mum from TooFatLardies, in particular the supplement Sicilian Weekend which will give the project some shape.

Finally, some Frenchmen being based. These three companies will be brought up to strength when I pick up another box of Perry French. I can't wait to try out Sharpe Practice II, again from TooFatLardies, from what I have seen so far it looks great.