Sunday, 14 July 2013

The makings of a 30k Ultramarines Tactical Squad

So the first deadline for the Dark Pact is upon me, and here is my first offering:

Sergeant Demetrios of Orpheus leads half a Tactical Squad at the height of Horus' Heresy. Survivors of Calth, these Ultramarines fight to avenge the noble dead. My first five marines for the Dark Pact challenge are all in Mk. IV Maximus armour, which I think is phenomenal, elegant and clean in design.

Left to right: Marius Regulus and Demetrios the Mortifactor.

Left to right: Demetrios the Mortifactor and Sergeant Demetrios of Orpheus.

Left to right: Anacreon the Laconian and Decius Aurorus.
Focus on the shoulder pads.
Marius Regulus
Demetrios the Mortifactor.
Decius Aurorus

So there, all done. Sergeant Demeter has a stripe over his face rather than a full red helmet as I thought it just looked cooler, and also because I forgot he needed a red helmet and this was a good compromise late into the paint job. I also decided against using the command upgrade as I think that the sergeant's transverse crest helmet ruins the clean elegance of the Mk. IV armour, as well as looking a bit daft. I do however want a nuncio-vox chap and might use the crested helmets in other squads. 

My next month's project will be to paint up five more tactical marines, this time in Mk. V Heresy armour, which I have ordered and has arrived. 

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