Monday, 17 June 2013


Although the focus is currently on my 30k Ultramarines project, and my continuing slow build up to my 40k skirmish project, I have also started painting up my Dreadball teams. The refbot is now painted and I have completed my first uniform test for my Ork team. 

Not 100% happy with the orange, I might add a wash to lift out the change in tone a little more, but otherwise happy enough. The sculpts aren't the best admittedly, but they paint up relatively swiftly. Looking forward to having some painted teams to play with. I bought Dreadball via Kickstarter, and frankly, I have barely looked at the game since it came in the post. However, with the possibility of gameplay rearing its head, I figure now is the time to get it painted. Everyone on YouTube and the wargaming community in general says good things, so I'd like to see for myself. Here's a rear shot: