Monday, 13 May 2013

A Wee New Project

A friend of mine from my university days got in touch recently about a "Tale of Four Heretics" project he and a bunch of other guys I know from university were starting. The basic idea was to do a Space Marine army of the Heresy (all Forgeworldy and stuff) with each chap choosing a legion. 

I was honoured to be let into this secret cabal as an observer, and after one comment the words "Join Us" were uttered after which I was voluntold to participate as the Ultramarines. I couldn't say no, could I? So now I have until July 10th 2013 to paint five figures, an easy deadline. So now from being a "Tale of Four Heretics", it is now "The Dark Pact".

However, being as these are Ultramarines, which I've never painted and the Forgeworld figures cost a veritable fortune, I want to do a good job. So I found a black undercoated Tactical Marine, and did a colour test for my blues. Here are the results:

The blue looks about right. I found some pictures of Heresy era Ultramarines on the Internet, which are below:

The next phase will be deciding whether to go gold or yellow. Yellow is an horrific colour to paint well, but a gold that is too bright will make my super soldiers look just a little too bling. Again, a colour test is in order, but this will all be about finding the right balance. Gold seems appropriate given the time period with Ultramar riding high, but I want to get those cool helmet with the face piece and I don't imagine they would look too good being gaudy and golden. 

Lots to think about as I read "Know No Fear" by Dan Abnett, whose "Gaunt's Ghosts" novels I really enjoyed. Enjoying it so far, and hopefully I'll find some inspiration. This will be especially the case as regards the basing I choose, as I might splash out on resin bases and do something quite thematic.