Sunday, 3 June 2012

May 2012 Roundup

May has come and gone, and I thought I would share some of the month's goings on. Firstly, it was all about books, mostly rulesets, in fact 13.4kg of books. Coming back to the hobby after many years "away" I have been trying to get reacquainted with the lay of the land ruleswise. I got the Field of Glory rulesets, the Warlord Games publications "Hail Caesar," "Pike & Shotte" and "Blackpowder," alongside the "Clash of Empires" series from Stuart McCorquodale. Given the demise of Warhammer Historicals, Mr. McCorquodale is currently running a deal for us floor crossers which can be found here. £50 for the core ruleset, "Rise and Fall of Persia" and "Age of Ravens" supplements is a great deal, and I was also pleased to receive the two freebie miniatures in my delivery.

I also got hold of the Principles of War rulesets for the Renaissance, 18th Century and Colonial periods from Northstar to fill out my collection of these rules, which are actually quite good. I have also ordered Saga from Northstar, but it is almost universally out of stock at the moment, but Nick assures me I won't wait too long. My only miniature purchase this month was a singular AB Figures 6pdr Austrian cannon from Fighting 15's, this is to provide the final missing cannon for my 1809 Austrian Army which I will in all likelihood sell in the near future. I am trying hard to avoid buying figures at the moment and paint what I have.

The next month will probably be focussed on testing the various rulesets. Taff and I have already played Field of Glory, and I will endeavour to get the battle report up soon. The next set to be tested will probably be Clash of Empires, with small opposing forces to get a hang of how it plays.