Monday, 22 September 2014

Dark Angels Command Squad Veteran WIP

So I have been working away on bits and pieces over the last weekend. Here are some shots of a Command Squad Veteran which I have almost finished. I hoping to blaze my way through the squad in short order.

I went for a close combat load out for the Command Squad, and I just love the idea of this Veteran with his Thunderhammer and Storm Shield inexorably crushing the Emperor's enemies. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Back from the North

I returned last weekend from an intense two week Annual Training Period with the Army, and still haven't quite rested up/healed yet. Barbed wire wounds everywhere... It was very beautiful at Otterburn though, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Nonetheless, I am hoping to write up the next battle report as soon as I get an opportunity. The weekend, which seems just a little too far away, will be an opportunity for me to get some hobby time in. 

Finally, I will be heading over to Cardiff again next weekend for another weekend of games. Matt from the Dark Pact is keen to keep on trucking with his delightful Orks, and Craig needs to take the field with his shiny new Grey Knights. Jim and I are as always the voices of reason.